Jan 7, 2010

Oculus can fuck off

The rantings of the pro/anti Oculus arguments are getting on my nerves. In a big way. I'm stubborn enough that the more crap they try to drop in my lap, and the more furious some people get that I don't like the instance and I won't run it if it pops in random LFG (so sorry but those other 4 aren't paying my monthly subscription) the more irate I get and closer to telling people to jump off a cliff. I have done Oculus. I cleared it with guild, I wiped in it with guild, I've cleared and wiped with pugs. It's not fun for me. I will force myself to do it sometimes. Other times 15minutes debuff won't bother me. I have 3 other 80s and more alts, and an hour debuff won't bother me either. So, seriously, carrot, stick, whatever, for some of us nothing is going to sweeten this deal or force us to do that instance.

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