May 19, 2009

Druid fail-tanking

Noth25, Oh I hate him.  And that was after Military Thaddius25 mini-bosses, where a mage got tossed instead of me, leading to a wipe.  On Noth, it was literally impossible to hold Noth off of the three 3 enhancement shamans, the boomkin, and the mages.  W.T.F.  Am I that bad?  From what I read I didn't think bear threat mechanics were that sucky.  But I woulda given an organ if I could get the Warrior Vigilance talent, for real.  Something, anything, to boost my threat.  So maybe in my head I expect bear tanks should be as high insta threat as paladin tanks, as warrior tanks, and maybe that's just wrong, and I need to "educate" the dps (who don't often run with druid tanks) on that fact.

I love to tank.  I'm just very persnickety about it.  Trigger happy psycho-dps that ignore threat meters piss me the fuck off, and if Im' raid leading they'd be better to NOT raid with me.  That said, I am such a fail tank in Wrath.  It bugs me.  

I tanked in TBC pretty much constantly.  I was a raiding and heroic machine, and Lheaf's reputations and her collection of T3 (which took forever to get the helm) speaks for itself.  I loved it.  I'd like to say I was damn good.  Grinding raids and heroics is about knowing the encounters and knowing the raiders/group members you're with, and anticipating how the 2 will meet.  I can handle that.

Maybe I just need to pop berserk at the begining of those fights and hope it holds, and get back into the habit of yelling at stupid dps on vent.  I can do that.  It does NOT make me happy to have the warrior-that-usually-tanks saying on vent repeatedly "guys let her get aggro/threat" and having the smart dps say it too.  I still feel like a failure.  

But hey last night I got the rest of my NAXX25 clear achievements so I never have to do it again...

Note: I would totally link Lheaf's armory (really you could find her, there's only 4 and she's the only 80) but she's wearing resto gear and I'm embarassed because now I can't change it due to maintenance, and I was playing with this post in my head since Sunday so I really shoulda known better.

May 16, 2009

shaman blog discovery

Just found Lyra at Healing Way thanks to a Wow Insider article.  Was added to my google reader right away, and I found an excellent article on the mess that the Blizzard devs have made of the Blessing of Wisdom vs. Mana Spring Totem debacle.

Great read!  In fact hopefully its in the right list of shaman articles to read...

Now, I need to write a post about arranging groups, which many many MANY raids, maybe because they are led by more casual leaders, think died with 3.0 thanks to so many buffs going raid wide.  Anyone that plays a toon with *some* party only effects knows how rough it is to get the raid leader to set up the groups a certain way.  

My pet peeve is running with healers that don't use raid frames and/or prefer to heal their target in the same group.  But hey I don't mind keeping Mana Tide Totem all to myself... until we wipe because they went oom...

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