Mar 10, 2009

Druid dual spec?

So I am quite happy being a feral mostly-tank flower and elixir farming druid. I don't have grand plans for her at all, even though she was my main in TBC. I have no idea what to do with the dual spec system for her.

Maybe I'll finally get into pvp and spec appropriately. I was planning on setting up a resto spec but with the lifebloom nerf, even though I'm not a micromanaging lifebloom roller when I heal, I'm still concerned about healing with her. But I honestly suck at lazer-chicken. So I'm at a loss.

Most likely I'll give resto an honest try or two before I decide if it's a viable off spec for me in 3.1

Mar 8, 2009

Cross faction kindness

My blood elf paladin (omg another hybrid!) has been level 10 for a year now.  Crazy, eh?  So, needless to say I don't have awesome rep with any horde players on my server.  I loved to world pvp (I still want my darn talbuk on my druid) and never hesitate to defend a city.  But while leveling my toons, I've always managed to get along peacefully with hordelings.  Case in point: Yesterday.

I've finally finished the Wrathgate quest line on my shadowpriest, and had just fluttered back to Wyrmrest Temple when a Tauren warrior a three levels lower than Zari begins a staring and emoting contest.  I'm a sucker for /beckon.  So I follow him over to a big giant/mammoth thing (what are those called again?) and help him kill it before it kills him.  This was after trecking quite a bit all over the tundra on my Great Big Elekk and him on his Kodo.  Yet I still followed him.  And it still worked out for the best.

I had warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.

Thankfully he didn't pop over onto an alliance toon to stalk me.  Then again I'm on the shadowpriest so little ya never know.  And I can't even remember his name now.

Mar 4, 2009

Allison on Wowinsider

Her article "Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, "Wrath," and crushing blows" is simply fantastic.

It's depressing to be nerfed, and still more depressing that it seems to be happening little by little and patch after patch, but it is also the correct approach.

Our health is being nerfed in 3.1, the scaling of said health is being nerfed, on top of yet another armor nerf whose compensatory mechanic (Savage Defense) does nothing to address the Druid's already poor magic mitigation.

That a voidwalker can substitute for a Druid on Sartharion 3D (and arguably does a better job) is no great recommendation for the mechanics of Druid tanking.


How all tanks mitigate and avoid damage needs to change to reflect how encounters have moved past one unwelcome form of burst damage (melee and crushing) to another (magic dragon breath!).

Mar 3, 2009

Positives and negatives

So Fel Fire's latest post, and really the entire clique series, feels very applicable to my current guild.  What's a day in guild on the 80 (that's still in the guild) without some QQ, no?

I wanted three more valorous tokens.  Then I could break my awesomely sexy outfit of blue and gold to get my tier shoulders.  I poked around all day Sunday and no one put it together.  We just didn't have the people on and hadn't planned a heroic OS or VOA (planning VOA is tough, yet I feel guilty when I've already pugged it and the guild wants to go).  So when my former GM asked if I wanted to go I jumped at the chance, and when there were dps slots left open I grabbed at some of my top guild dps just to see what they could do against a much bigger raiding-guild's dps.  It was fascinating.  (Getting whispers from my former GM about some current guild members made me, and those guild members, feel pretty awesome.)

But when it turned from a no_drakes_up into a one_drake_up fight and we actually did it, and the achievement flashed in guild chat, well.... there were some upsets.  Why do I feel guilty?  All I wanted was three valorous tokens.  


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