Mar 3, 2009

Positives and negatives

So Fel Fire's latest post, and really the entire clique series, feels very applicable to my current guild.  What's a day in guild on the 80 (that's still in the guild) without some QQ, no?

I wanted three more valorous tokens.  Then I could break my awesomely sexy outfit of blue and gold to get my tier shoulders.  I poked around all day Sunday and no one put it together.  We just didn't have the people on and hadn't planned a heroic OS or VOA (planning VOA is tough, yet I feel guilty when I've already pugged it and the guild wants to go).  So when my former GM asked if I wanted to go I jumped at the chance, and when there were dps slots left open I grabbed at some of my top guild dps just to see what they could do against a much bigger raiding-guild's dps.  It was fascinating.  (Getting whispers from my former GM about some current guild members made me, and those guild members, feel pretty awesome.)

But when it turned from a no_drakes_up into a one_drake_up fight and we actually did it, and the achievement flashed in guild chat, well.... there were some upsets.  Why do I feel guilty?  All I wanted was three valorous tokens.  


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