Feb 24, 2009

4Haelz: He Said, She Said

Reading my google reader at lunch today I saw this excellent blog post and decided to jump on it.  

Do you notice any trends in what gender fills what role while playing (healer, dps, tank, etc.)? Who talks more in Guild Chat or Vent? Who brings up what subjects? How is loot distribution handled? Are there favorites? Problems with gender? What about gender and sexuality differences? Unfair treatment? Harassment? Do people ignore sexuality and gender prejudices when they exist? Do they perpetuate or welcome it?

There have been quite a few well written posts on sexism and wow lately, from varying perspectives.  

Feb 22, 2009

Hybrid theory

I play some hybrid classes, yep.  But I'm pretty inflexible on the druid.  With her I will dps or tank, and courtesy of The Burning Crusade still cluttering up my brain I'm a much less confident tank than I should be, so I seek off-tank positions in 10 man pugs.  The other night in a heroic Naxx pug fully raid buffed she hit 38k health.  Can I just "AWESOME!"  Yeah I loved it.  But boomkin is a no go.  I just can't really figure out the rotation or track the procs very well.

The shaman I am now more comfortable healing than dpsing with enhancement, and I don't really play with the elemental build.  That's probably from endless heroics and raid healing for as long as she has.  I can still pull decent heroic dps but not in the 3k range.  And tho I have some elemental gear gathering dust in the bank, I just don't play with it.  Mainly because I'm not a rich wow player!

And now the priest, the last of my 70+ toons is leveling.  She went from 0-40 as holy, 40-70+ raiding as shadow, and 70-72 as deep discipline healing instances for guildies as they started leveling through those low areas.  But now she's back to shadow and I am rediscovering just how much fun that is.  Sure healing with discipline was fun, proccing bubbles around people and holy-bazzuka-ing, I mean hitting people with penance randomly in Dalaran, was fun.  But somehow the quests are more entertaining from a ranged perspective, as opposed to the shaman and druid.  

I guess my hybrid-ness isn't 100% since I haven't, or cannot, master all three specs of the shaman and druid, and I never claimed to be an excellent priest of any spec, but between a tank, a healer and a ranged dps I think I'll have things covered for pugging. 

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