Mar 4, 2009

Allison on Wowinsider

Her article "Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, "Wrath," and crushing blows" is simply fantastic.

It's depressing to be nerfed, and still more depressing that it seems to be happening little by little and patch after patch, but it is also the correct approach.

Our health is being nerfed in 3.1, the scaling of said health is being nerfed, on top of yet another armor nerf whose compensatory mechanic (Savage Defense) does nothing to address the Druid's already poor magic mitigation.

That a voidwalker can substitute for a Druid on Sartharion 3D (and arguably does a better job) is no great recommendation for the mechanics of Druid tanking.


How all tanks mitigate and avoid damage needs to change to reflect how encounters have moved past one unwelcome form of burst damage (melee and crushing) to another (magic dragon breath!).

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