Jan 14, 2010

Goals: Rep grind!

Reputation is a joke on my alts, but on my oldest toon, my main, my lovely druid, I really want to get her rep up. I freaking crave the Guardian of Cenarius title. But.... sadly I'm lazy. Too lazy with too many 80s to do randoms on to sit and grind annoying rep.

So what are my rep goals with her?

Argent Dawn to exalted. No I will not get the other Argent rep. I've done like 3 dailies at the Tournament. Seriously.

Sporeggar to exalted. I'm almost there and getting sanguine hibiscus should be simple with my tank spec.

Scale of the Sands? She's revered now, but in the bottom half, so... Not sure how possible this will be.

The Kalu'ak to exalted. Silly and easy dailies. I really just wish Dalaran didn't lag me out so badly.

The Ashen Verdict, Silver Covenant, Explorer's League and Frostborn will come naturally it seems just from heroics with no tabard on. I dig it.

If I count right I'm at 23 exalted reps right now. 4 more with these goals, and 4 more to come just from my daily activities. 30 exalted reps will be sweet as hell! Maybe I could even do the Netherwing stuff!


  1. Can you get Ashen Verdict rep in heroics? I was under the impression that you could only get it by running ICC.

  2. Ah you were right. AV is from ICC. But I tend to do that each week in some form.


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