Dec 12, 2009

New Content agony

Happy to say that over two nights, my 25man raiding guild managed to kill 3/4 bosses in ICC. It was a painful adventure. Yay! Now on to the negatives...

As a healer we saw our healing corps go from 5 in TOC to 7 in ICC. The sad thing with this is... the guild has overinflated opinions of us healers. D: There was griping that we were wasting at least one dps slot on a healer. Even though we wiped a goodly number of times with those 7 healers as we were learning the fight and perfecting our strategy.

Many of the raiders in the guild have raided with the top Alliance guild on our server, so quite often comparisons come up in random conversation. It's a bit hard edged as most of us do not want to get compared, but as a benchmark it's useful to keep in mind. So, after my "sorry guys but 7 healers is pretty standard for new and hard content" was swept aside by those that think us healers are miracle workers and/or slacking on our jobs making 7 necessary, I just randomly asked if anyone knew how many healers that top guild ran with. Keep in mind that guild cleared 25man heroic versions when we never accomplished jack in 25man heroic. So the gear curve is steep. I was served back with "no it's not about the gear it's about the skill".

Digest that. Enjoy.

THEN there was a cloth spell-hit bracer that dropped and 2 healing priests and an elemental shaman rolled on it.

Needless to say I'm going to be either guildless or not raiding some time soon. Because I don't raid with assholes or jerks. I'm not competitive enough to put up with them, and have plenty of other toons I can level or play and enjoy without the aggravation of stupidity and greed in a 25man raid.

Let's go over the basics.

1. Loot items have stat budgets on them. Raw white stats, and green stats. Yes, duh.
2. Different classes and specs prioritize those stats, green and white, differently.
3. Some green and white stats are completely useless to some classes and specs.

Do we all agree with this summary? Good.

Progression is hard. It's going to take everyone getting gear and using that gear to move forward. The best practice is for items to go where they will do the most good. They will be used, and used for the longest time before getting replaced. This ensures that more people get more overall upgrades.

And, here's where I will lose some people. Armor classes exist for a reason. Guilds, especially raiding guilds, should be working to make people happy, and need to keep loot fair and balanced so that the whole raid can improve and move forward. It is not fair that a holy paly is the only one rolling on the plate gear, but then gets to roll with the holy/disc priests on the healing cloth, and also gets to roll with the resto shaman and the resto druid. FAIRNESS PEOPLE. I don't understand why guildies want to be dicks to each other. In fact it boggles my mind.

So, would I begrudge a holy pally from picking up cloth if no clothy wanted it? Not at all. Do I get a tad pissed off at a holy pally or a resto shaman taking that cloth from a cloth-only-wearing priest? Fuck yes.

Sadly, this has an added issue. The stats you find on "healing" cloth are at the very least marginally decent for dps. While there does exist one dps stat that is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS for healers, aka spell hit. So, bad enough a healing cloth wearer might get ganked by their fellow healers from different armor classes (if your raid/guild leadership goes for that sort of thing). But the cloth wearing healers also have to consider competition on cloth items from dps cloth wearers. Sad, but true. But that's just the way it is. I can happily tell a cloth wearing healer "hey dude, sorry, but you know as well as I know that all those stats, while not super, are not bad for that dps" as long as I don't have to put up with a wrong-armore-class healer also ganking that priest's gear too. Priests can put up with some, but I don't think they should have to put up with that.

And now to the real issues.

2 healing priests rolled on cloth bracers with spell hit on them, against 3 cloth wearing dps and an elemental shaman. In my opinion, the healing priests were GOD DAMNED WRONG and need a re-edumacation on "let's not waste item stat budgets for your healing, when it is 100% useful to those casting dps and only 75% useful to you since you don't use spell hit AT ALL" and the shaman was marginally wrong for rolling on gear against those that have no other options in gear choices. They can't be like the shaman and choose to take some druid's leather, and still have zero competiton on dps mail too. It's not fair. Why do I have to tell people they aren't being fair? WHY CAN'T THEY FUCKING SEE IT FOR THEMSELVES and say "hey. This isn't cool. I wouldn't want to be in that person's shoes, so I'm not giong to do it to them."

My guild does use a dkp system by the way. But numbers were reset for ICC, so we have a lot of roll offs.


  1. I feel your pain. I've had similar issues occur recently. I run my own 25 man PuGs and while I try to be hands off about micromanaging loot, I do step in when people try to cross armor classes or essential stats.

    As for my guild, I'm considering wearing earplugs during our 10 mans. They wanted to two-heal ICC 10 our first day in. It's all about "skill" even when the raiders are incompetent or careless. They boasted about how easy the content was and how awesome they were - even though we downed Marrowgar with seven people dead, including both tanks and the other two healers. The raid healer was awful and I spent most of my time covering for him as well as healing the tanks. On Saurfang, we just gave in and dropped down to two healers because the raid healer was more useful as DPS.

    People hurt my brain sometimes.

  2. Brain hurts are sad. Thanks for the comment, btw! :)


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