Jul 14, 2009

Clutter and addons

The other night I spectacularly failed at offtanking Ignis (well his adds). I couldn't figure out the best spot for the camera that I could see both zones where adds spawned from, and my frame rate per second dropped to 2. TWO. If I was lucky. I was too stressed to be staring at that little number most of the time.

So, I am taking a look at my addon folder. The main tank thinks I have too many running thus explaining my horridly long zone in time. Me I just know my computer is a P.O.S. but hey whatever I'll see what I can do.

So what addons do I run?

ACP (addon control panel)
Cellular (tabs/popup window for whispers)
Chatter (alternative to prat basic functions)
Chinchilla (map)
ChocolateBar (new testing alternative to FuBar)
Converse (records chat windows)
Grid with a few additions
CT_Viewport (alters window with black bar at bottom for bars/chats)
InspectEquip (very nice when inspecting people)
Lightheaded (only turned on for alts leveling)
Loggerhead (so i don't forget to combatlog)
Obituary (reasons for death awesomeness)
Outfitter (tho I'm learning to deal with Equipment Manager on PTR)
OmniCC (is this really necessary with Ora? then again not everyone runs Ora)
Pitbull (unit frames)
POM Tracker
TotemTimers (until 3.2!)

That does not seem like a lot to me. I might be able to ditch Outfitter and maybe Omen since I'm more often healing than anything else.

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  1. Doesn't look like too much to me...pretty close to the same number I have. I know I was having ridiculous framerates on my old computer if I didn't shut down Cartographer and QuestHelper when I was in Northrend.

    How demanding is Chinchilla? I've never used it. Cart used to kill me anywhere but the old world.


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