Mar 13, 2010

Oh, lookee!

Blogs you should check out this week: Blessing of Kings covers a Paladin tanking spec, and I give it my approval. I still prefer Divinity in my prot tree, and see Pursuit of Justice as laughingly silly, so never get it. But that's just me. Seal of Command is GOOD. I loves it. Especially on big pulls. :) UK, UP, CoS. Yum.

Falling Leaves and Wings covers Quartz Procs, a module for my favorite addon (after grid). Delicious!

Bossypally covered low level ret tanking, too! YAY!

There's a ton more. But this blog is full of links so you can easily find the great ones. Or follow me on google reader to see what I thought should be shared with the world.

Amazingly, this week's weekly raid assignment was in the Halls of Ulduar instead of Jaraxxus for the billionth time. Oh the fun I've had so far, slogging through Loot Reaver (or whatever his name is in this expansion). The fun began on my holy paladin. There are 2 ways to start Flame Leviathan, kids, and one is the fast easy way and one is the NOT FAST OR EASY way. It became painfully obvious when the big mechano-thing busted through his doors to kick us out of the Halls of Ulduar that someone had spoken to the Lore Keeper of Norgannon, because pillars of light, adds of flowers, fire and brimstone started spawning, and we all died. Enter the facepalm!

So, we then had to go back and kill all the other junk that normally we could have skipped if our raid members had simply spoken to Brann Bronzebeard instead.

Lesson: NEVER SPEAK TO LOREKEEPER unless told to do so.

If you are raiding ICC10, your gear should make achievements in Ulduar silly easy. Especially the Flame Leviathan ones. (Or I could just think nothing compares to the complexity of dancing around Rotface or trying to kill Putricide, but that shows what I'm focused on right now.)

This is an easy achievement. Motorcycles get the oil down in front of him. This means have a basic idea of where people are going to kite (we used to try to kite diagonally across the room). And, this means you do NOT throw people on top of him to kill his towers, instead the people in the mid-sized vehicles throw pyrite on him and never stop, refilling as well. Super duper easy.

Moving on, I also realized that since all I pretty much do on the paladin is tank heroics on a daily basis for her frosts, she is now my source for primordial saronite. My tailoring priest is positively drooling at getting her hands on them.

This week my priest's 10man raiding guild Annihilation finally killed Rotface. We three healed it with a disc&holy priest combo, and a holy paly. (Does that count as 4 healers, with that awesome beacon spell? I think it does.) Now we start working on Putricide and hope we can get Rotface dead again next week. We had 4 hunters in the raid and one ret paladin. So... yeah. But it worked!

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