Mar 30, 2010

A lot left to learn

Last night I was asked to come fill in as a third healer in a ten man ICC. I realised I really need to heal more. I know the barest basics but have no concept of mana management (wtf I thought paladins didn't need to do that), working with other healers (this will be solved by, gasp, raiding with my paladin's new guild more) and just a better flow/understanding of my skills, and where I should have the buttons.

The trouble is that I'm terrified of healing pugs, spoiled as I am by multiple pocket tanks on my alliance healers. And, there is a queue time for healers on my battlegroup. So, I grind emblems as a tank, meaning I get less chance to do actual healing and learn about it.

This is a bit frustrating.

Things I noticed last night and definitely need to work on:

Mana. Divine Plea's healing reduction freaked me the hell out on Saurfang. There was no good time to pop it, ever. Any tips?

On Saurfang, I *wanted* to juggle my beacon/shield targets between the two taunting tanks. The one doing the tanking would have the shield, the one with the debuff would have beacon. Seemed like a plan. Maybe that's what cost me so much damn mana though. (Beacon went to the first Mark once it popped up).

I would have loved to heal with a discipline priest last night, but I didn't have one. Started with a resto druid, then had a holy priest.

So, yeah, I just have no clue what I was doing. I was hammering beasts and Judging Wisdom, with my beacon of light up (for improved healing) every chance too, but... Ugh what a horrible way to "learn" better healing skills.

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