Jun 8, 2009


I finally got my act together, and stumbled upon a great UI in the comments of Big Bear Butt's latest post about a screwy addon happenstance. It is Blacksen's UI, and while sure I pillaged it and tossed out a lot of the heavy memory hogs, I loved the basic pitbull setup and the general look of it.

So, here we have it. This is from our guild meeting. Notice the raid down the left? My tip tac addon in the bottom left above the chat frame is aggravating me. The druid target is a balance, but I am tree spec in this shot. Get the talents right! On the bottom right is my cellular tabs window for whispers. I can minimize it and that's also where Omen threat meter and Recount are, during real raids, when I want the info. (When I'm healing I usually don't have omen up, and I almost always open recount after a fight, rather than stare during).


  1. Ooh. That's slick.

    I'm constantly monkeying with my UI. Now that I've got a better machine, I might finally be able to get it right without fear of abusing my fps.

  2. I need to post new UI shots. :D Or just link to my flickr where all screenshots of any worth end up.


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