Dec 18, 2008

Getting Started

So I've set up shop here to blog about the fun times to be had in World of Warcraft (Wrath of the Lich King).  You may want to know a little bit about me, perhaps? I'm an alliance addict. I can't help it. My main is Valkure, draenai shaman, my previous main and new alt is Lheaf, druid, and my extra alt-distraction is Zarixaanu, draenai priest. I do own a horde blood elf paladin but she's been level 10 for a year. I don't have high expectations for her.

I've invested just over a year in the Sentinels-US server and I like knowing the number of people there. Lheaf used to be my main, and I was the main Off Tank in my guild's 25man and 10man raids. During the pre-wrath raid lull and after a disagreement with my guild leader which left me guildless, I dinged 70 with my enhancement shaman, and quickly with my ret pally level buddy hit 80 in Northrend. I'm now a resto shaman main in a small 10-man raiding guild, with a tank's/raid leader's attitude. (Yeah, you probably feel sorry for my guildmates. I do too, a lot.)

So there's my introduction!  Most of my blog feeds are from druid blogs, sadly because I really miss tanking with her, but I simply don't enjoy playing the druid with the level of uncertainty about what the hell Blizzard is doing to them.  I do love my shaman though, both as enhancement as I learn to up my dps abilities, and as resto, despite the stress of healing heroic five mans and regular ten mans when it seems no one tries to make chain heal easier!

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