Feb 26, 2010

Healing style

Over time I believe I've mentioned that I'm not a very reactive healer, not really, anyways. I love to pug, and I love to heal on each of my healers, but my skill at healing is highly based on my raid leading and tanking experience. I heal based on my judgement of the incoming damage. But that judgement is based on my knowledge of the tank. Not really his class, though that comes into it probably. I develop expectations of incoming damage based on tanks and their gear. And I don't even gear check and I uninstall-ed GearScore last month! But given content and where most tanks are, I know my skill set and the damage the bosses deal out enough to keep healing pretty steady, I'd say.

I read all these great blogs about healers that are situationally aware and watching the boss's abilities so they can react to them. It just suddenly struck me that, well maybe I do that, without even realising it. I know the fights. I know what's coming, usually. But not move by move on the boss's part. I'm staring at green bars and watching how they move, and watching the debuffs flying around. (Oh how I love you GridRaidDebuff) It's the damage that's coming that tells me what I need to know. That might make me a subpar healer (though I rarely feel that way) but it does mean I need to have a good relationship with the tank. Could be a pug respectful one, but the more I trust the tank, the more they trust me, and the more confident I'm feeling about the fight in general, the better I heal.

Less than perfect, but that's just my style.

Side note: LOOK UP THERE! At the top. See? I won Abra's Cadaver. The mage Abramelin was kind enough to pass the staff so, since I was DPSing last night in ICC, I won it. /happy. I was amused by the name. Yay for silly humor.

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  1. lol I think more healers heal this way than you might think.

    Little green bars can say a lot about what exactly is happening around you. You can tell where an AoE hits, in the room, based on whose life bars all drop at once, etc...

    Health bars speak their own language... and it's one a true healer knows very well. :)


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