Nov 15, 2009


Sometimes I get myself an invite to my guild's ten man heroic team. We have a good set up, with 3 healers: my druid, @xparanormalityx's resto/elemental shaman, and a disc priest. Our tanks always included one paladin, the guild's MT, and then some trusted OTs.

Last night's was fantastic. Last week we got to Anub but just didn't have the dps needed to get into phase three. Well this week we went pretty smooth and started getting really smooth transitions into phase 3, but then the tanks would go splat. Our shaman heals the first 4 fights and dpses Anub so it was me and the disc priest healing.

Well, after the sixth wipe as we're confirming what is working and what isn't and trying to tweak it, I'm frustrated on vent with the pallyOTalt/boomkinmain telling me how to heal better and venting "A.M.G. you don't understand I cannot get you two tanks to full healing in phase 3. It's just not working." and I'm begging the ele shaman to help with some heals when the Disc priest pipes up "wait, what? We heal the tanks to full in phase 3?"


He's normally healed 25mans, and has always been third healer on the 10toc normal, so I guess it makes sense he just didn't have a clue that we want tanks to full health in phase 3.

So I fell out of my desk chair laughing til I cried and the hilarity. I was basically attempting to solo heal phase 3. And given the fact we got Anub to 300k health three times and 140k health another time, I was doing a damn good job! (warning: WoL gives him mega credit for all the bubbles he popped during phase 3, since he said that's mainly what he was doing, bubbling and renewing) Link to the combatlog


Assuming we all know our roles for given fights isn't a good thing. It doesn't hurt to go over the strats. As you can see.

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